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I can be a professional property broker. I can be a geek college student. I can be a child who loves to play swings. I can be a dork who does stupid things. I am real. I am me.

Bunny Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year people! Well, this year my CNY is unlike any other year. I started off waking up at 5am, preparing to go back to Bandung (my home town) like our annual routine. 5.30am I’m all cleaned and ready to go. BUT, then I found out that BOTH of my rear mirror is being CUT off my car. Dude, that’s some way to start the new year. *sigh Anyway, still a relieve that the car is still there. Yeaaa and luckily they only cut off one of my family cars. :) So, we spent the rest of the day pampering ourselves, dozing off, satisfying our appetite. As the folks said, CNY supposedly, are meant to be : Hahahihi day. No work, family gathering, angpao fièsta, not even mopping the floors. (Y) Eventually, on the 2nd day of CNY, a lot of people is still on holiday. Even shop owner in Tanah Abang (whom I know never close his shop except there’s a flood) have a holiday. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring Tanah Abang for the very first time! \(´▽`)/ And you know what? I L.O.V.E. Tanah Abang It’s still cheap, unlike Mangdu. Got more varieties. The people are nice. And the food court is beautiful! Uww I can’t wait to go there again, seriously. The only obstacle is the parking chaos. And that’s why we prefer Angkot. “Sepuluh sepuluh sepuluh! roxy-lima-roxy-lima!” ( —> only angkoters will understand. ) Well see you on different adventure tweeps :)

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